UK manufacturer and supplier of quality copper terminals, busbars, earth bars, coils, heat sinks and braids to the electrical industry.

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We manufacture special requirements to order and hold stock of best selling lines.

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LML Manufactures

• Terminals and connectors for cable installations

• Heavy-duty busbars, connectors and coils for equipment and switchgear

• High frequency interconnections and laminates for power electronics

• Custom parts for precision engineering and OEM’s

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We Offer

• A full range of CNC and precision manufacturing processes

• In-house electroplating, brazing, welding and assembly

• Multi-kA testing, multi kV testing and thermal modelling

• All processes accredited to EN ISO 9001

• UK manufacture

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You Receive

• Prompt scheduled deliveries (next day on standard parts)

• Stable, competitive price structures

• Volume discounts

• Rapid response to enquiries

• Competent techinical assistance on design and applications

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